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January 2018
New Line MotoSport “Races in safety”

LISKI is constantly growing and recently has expanded its range with FIM approved protections for motorcycle circuits. The protection by LISKI equipment has the main priority the research of high–performance and safe materials, thanks to lead technologies, collaboration with sector experts, and the strict synergy between Universities and specialized Experimental Search Laboratories ensuring the preparation of safety materials, that are subjected to the laboratory crash tests, along with the extensive testing on the field. Among its most prestigious clients, stand on the Barcelona Catalonia circuit in Spain, Sepang in Malaysia and Phillip Island in Australia.

January 2018
JET is born: The smart revolution in shaft replacement

LISKI is proud to have presented the new rapid system for shaft replacement at ISPO 2018 with great success; its name is "Jet", and allows to replace the broken shaft with a new one by removing it from the joint manually without use of the classic fixing screws; for more information contact our offices!

November 2017
It's on line new LISKI SUMMER Program Catalog 2018 !

Browse pages of new LISKI SUMMER catalogue ON LINE , or download file to check new products 2018 already proposed with great success at FSB fair in Cologne. To receive an hard copy by post, pls call our offices (+39 35 4826195) or send a request to

July 2017
New LISKI slalom base “ARROW” !

LISKI is pleased to announce to have developed and created a new base for slalom poles with innovative features that make it particularly safe and suitable for any type of snow. The new base is called ARROW, enjoys NON-ROTATION system and is already available on the market (in the traditional version 34 cm and reduced version of 28cm for situations with lack of snow). NON-ROTATION allows the base to not rotate, thus avoiding the enlargement of the hole that cause the pole instability.

25th July 2017
It's on line new LISKI WINTER Program Catalog !

Browse pages of new LISKI WINTER catalogue ON LINE , or download file to check new products proposed by LISKI for the upcoming season 2017/18. To receive an original version by post, pls phone to our offices (0039 35 4826195) or send a request to

February 2017
New items for “LISKI SUMMER” Line ( h. 50cm cones + flat hoops + new dome base)

After the big success of ISPO 2017 Fair in Munchen, we invite you to see all new products of Summer Line. Also we announce other new items coming soon, available from half may with special prices: Flat hoops Ø 50, 60, 70 cm - h. 50cm cones with 16 holes - new dome base with inserts for flat and tubular hoops. Request info and prices and book your quantities requiring now your seasonal orders at

December 2016
Steel electronic scoreboards FutsalTab - One of many new Liski items for 2017!

Come and discover at ISPO Fair in Munich (Hall C4 Stand 506) the new steel electronic scoreboards FutsalTab, multisport, multi-function, multi-language, configurable with possibility of displaying images and advertising; available in 3 sizes (80x48cm, 96x48cm, 192x96cm), and different resolutions (number of pixels) Version outdoor or indoor (waterproof); not-sideline or sideline (shock resistant). Configuration keyboard on the scoreboard, available remote control console by radio or by cable, pocket remote control by radio, with its interface modules

9th December 2016
Aluminium Drill bits in green color, “Standard” model for ski slope

After launching of aluminium drill bits in blue color last season, LISKI introduces a further Aluminium drill bits; will be green color and cheaper. Even this model, called "Standard" to differentiate it from the other blue model called "Professional", allows a considerable reduction of weight compared to conventional steel model, and is equipped with interchangeable shank.

6th December 2016
It's on line new LISKI SUMMER Program Catalog 2017 !

Browse pages of new LISKI SUMMER catalogue ON LINE , or download file to check new products proposed by LISKI for the upcoming season 2017. To receive an hard copy by post, pls call our offices (+39 35 4826195) or send a request to

10th October 2016
New measuring tape SPALIGO 30 m – item code 10895/30

SPALIGO 30m is added to the range of tape for measurement of the distance between two gates. As for the other two measures (15 and 20m), SPALIGO 30m can be hooked to the Spaligo bag to be tied at the belt.

2nd September 2016
Avalanche blasting by Drone technology

SNIPER has been designed to prevent and to secure the areas aected by the avalanches risk. It is an automated system which uses the most modern technologies in the UAV eld – mapping, satellite navigation, infrared and video systems – to make ski areas and mountain companies perform the rocks recovery operations from the ground, quickly and safety.

February 2016
Great success at the ISPO fair in Munich for the new items of SUMMER PROGRAM

After the presentation of LISKI BI-REBOUND at the FSB 2015 fair in Cologne, all the new items of Summer Program have been exhibited in the most important trade fair, ISPO in Munich. Many new products designed and manufactured by LISKI, all appreciated for ease of use, excellent price, high quality of materials and services offered during the training sections.

February 2016
Certifications for items of SUMMER PROGRAM purposely for didactic use

LISKI obtained the conformity for some of its products for Summer Program in didactic use; these certifications refer to the cones, space delimiting and gymnastic poles, which comply with safety law parameters

February 2016
Aluminium Drills Bits and Plastic Keys

After the plastic drill bits, LISKI introduced in its range of products also the aluminum drill bits, and the plastic key for slalom poles. Two new items have been immediately appreciated by professionals for easy handling and great practicality.

February 2016
Great success for the new panel "LISKI COMPETITION" for GS / SG / DH

This spring LISKI has created and produced a new panel approved by FIS, to be used in all races and adaptable to all the diameters of poles; It was used in most of the World Cup races, including also the DH and SG of Jeongseon in Korea.

19th October 2015
It's on line new LISKI SUMMER Program Catalog !

Browse pages of new LISKI SUMMER catalogue ON LINE , or download file to check new products proposed by LISKI for the upcoming season 2015/16. To receive an original version by post, pls phone to our offices (0039 35 4826195) or send a request to

21st November 2014
Luminous signal kit, with danger sign “snowgrooming with winch” – code 11865

The yellow / black pole is Ø 48mm and means “danger of avalanche”. It is secured to the snow with an iron cross ferrule. In order to complete the kit, there are a triangular danger sign " snowgrooming with winch" and the plastic flashing device with light at 360°

18th November 2014
New GS and DH anti-wind panels, in fluo colors

From current season, LISKI introduced in its wide range of anti-wind GS and DH panels, the panel in ORANGE FLUO and GREEN FLUO color, in the versions "for training" - "World Cup 2012" - "Race" and DH "FIS competition "; to know more, check website in section "Panels"

14th November 2014
New drill bits in plastic material

LISKI has introduced the plastic drill bits, more and more requested by customers. These bits allow a weight reduction of 60%. Being equipped with interchangeable blades with 5 cutting edges can be used five times by turning the blade with a screwdriver.

7th May 2014
Marking disc Ø 20 cm – item code 14070

The marking disc for ski slopes is fixed at the top of signals poles. The diameter of disc is 20cm and is made of flexible plastic material. It is available in green / blue / red / black

6th May 2014
New GS / SG / DH panel, Model ”Race” – item code 10613

The new panel for GS / SG / DH, model "Race" has recently been approved for poles TYPE B (Ø 25 to 28.9 mm). The size is the classic 75 x 50 cm, and the bielastic fabric is windproof; as well as all the approved panels it complies with the release rules required by FIS. It’s customizable and patented.

5th May 2014
New fencing net – item code 12052G

The new fence netting adds to the wide range of delimitation and fencing nets. Mesh is 10 x 10 cm, plait is Ø 3.5 mm. The standard group is 25 meters long x 1.20 meters in height, red

January 2014
Presented at the ISPO show 2014, substitution player board HANDY ELECTRONIC

Substitution player board HANDY ELECTRONIC has recently been introduced to complete the range of items for players substitution. Simple and fast - Space saving - Case and charger included Available in mono-face or double-face version

18th November 2013
New version of patented MACH hurdles range: new MACH-RETURN !

As a result of great customers demand, LISKI has studied the new MACH-RETURN hurdle; It’s an evolution of the wide range of MACH hurdles. In fact, by some devices it was possible to realize an hurdle that returns in position by itself once knocked down. Quality/price ratio, have ensured also to MACH-RETURN a considerable interest among the experts. For more information, please send a request to

15th November 2013
Great success at the FSB Cologne trade fair for the innovative hurdle “SAFE

New and innovative patented "SAFE" hurdle has been presented at the International FSB Trade Fair in Cologne; original idea, remarkable practicality, light weight, ease use, small footprint and excellent quality/price ratio, have ensured to SAFE a considerable interest among the experts. And of course the SAFETY of this tool, prerogative of all LISKI products, has been highly appreciated by customers; For more information, please send a request to

June 2013
Renewal of F.I.S. homologations for slalom poles and GS / DH LISKI panels

LISKI received new F.I.S. approvals for slalom poles C6 - TOP27 and SOFT, either in version with MECHANICAL hinge and with PLASTIC hinge. Concerning GS and DH panels have been certified FIS models "WORLD CUP 2012" and "RACE" To download PDF file check section COMPANY – FIS Homologation

25th January 2013
New LISKI delimitation strip net - Code 12001G

The new LISKI strip is a net in high resistance polyethylene, with perimetral ropes, length 15 meters, height 65 cm; plait is Ø 3.5 mm and mesh 50x50mm, as for the traditional protection net TYPE B; more and more requested for the great use versatility, and for the high exposure and resistance, is available in red and blue colour.

21st January 2013
LISKI snow baby arch

In the wide range of products for children training, LISKI introduces snow baby arch for ski-schools, in flexible and extra resistant Polycarbonate Ø 25mm, with central joint in PVC; the arch is easily removable for convenient storage. Item code: 10891

17th January 2013
New starting block LISKI “START PLATE”, according to FIS rules

New starting block LISKI "START PLATE" is available from now on; will be produced according to the new FIS directions, both as regards the materials (metal and wooden bases, covering rubber carpet) that for the shape and size (new size 40x30 cm). For more information please contact our offices.

January 2013
Agreement LISKI - TENAX for Official Distribution of LIMIT SPORT fence

Liski officially announced the agreement with the Italian company for TENAX LIMIT SPORT fence, becoming Official Distributor of this always more and more requested product. LIMIT SPORT has been used in several competitions Worldwide, such as World Cup Races (in the picture the RACE IN THE CITY 2012 event in MILAN), Winter Olympic Games TORINO 2006, VANCOUVER 2010 and in SOCHI 2014 venues.

15th January 2013
LISKI introduces at ISPO 2013 new PRO-SOFT kick walls with anti-wind holes

On the occasion of the forthcoming edition of the most important sporting goods exhibition (ISPO 2013 - Munich) Liski present the new version of PRO-SOFT kick walls, with the addition of anti-wind holes; this is just one of many news that will be presented at the Fair in the renewed and much wider range of SUMMER range

19th November 2012
New “SPEED” base for slalom gates ! Rapid and universal !

We are proud informing that in the month of November we introduced the new "SPEED" base for any kind of snow and for all disciplines, which will join “FLASH” base, completing the range of innovative LISKI bases for snow. SPEED allows maximum speed and facilities during the course tracking and subsequent recovery of the poles, always without the use of the key!

4th May 2012
Delimiting rope with PVC chequered flag yellow/black , double-face

This new item adds to the wide range of LISKI delimiting equipment; rope Ø 12mm is 30 meters long, with No. 20 PVC square checkered flags in yellow / blacks applied every 1.5 m. The print is double face, allowing more visibility and ability to handle any situation

3rd May 2012
Delimiting strip in PE yellow/red Height 60cm

Made of the same material as the delimitation fences 1.20 m high, the new strip allows greater visibility than the traditional strip 15cm high, and at the same time an easier management compared to the classical fence net. A further choice for our customers, in the already wide range of delimitation products

2nd May 2012
Blocking elastic hook for gates bundles

A simple but very useful article, the product code is 10505. Equipped with a special hook in plastic materials, allows an easy closing and locking of the elastic.

10th February 2012
Great success at the ISPO Munich trade fair for new item Electronic Soccer Scoreboard “DERBY

The Electronic Soccer Scoreboard DERBY has been presented at the International ISPO trade fair in Munich; remarkable practicality, low weight, ease use by distance remote control , and excellent quality/price ratio, have ensured to DERBY a considerable interest among the experts. Request more information by sending an e-mail to

4th January 2012
Innovative and revolutionary LISKI slalom poles

The innovative patented "CHRONO" slalom poles (the revolutionary “On-pole chronometric survey system”) will permit to coaches and experts to analyze athlete’s results passage by passage, with a considerable advantage in trainings interpretation.