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Nets and signals for ski slopes

Liski manufactures and commercializes nets for sport in general, and in particular for the protection and the delimitation of ski slope; available in various colours, heights and sizes, with different mesh and wire with various diameters.
Nets are completed with support poles in PVC, fibreglass or polycarbonate with various diameters, heights and thickness.
In addition to protection nets there are:
· fence nets
· windbreaks nets
· snow accumulation nets
· shady nets
· tenax gigan nets
· dragon and limit nets

Liski signalization is composed by marker poles in polycarbonate or PVC, signal panels in PVC net customizable fluorescent and UNI signs in soft flexible and resistant material.

To complete Liski line wide range of:
· protective foam mattresses plan, circular, semicircular
· multidensity mattresses
· air mattresses