LISKI, always prepared to fulfil market needs, offers complete equipment for the organization of sport competitions. Complete range of products can be also rented, including latest LISKI technical innovation, “SAFETY AIR MATTRESS”, tested both in laboratory and on slopes. F.I.S considers its use indispensable. LISKI air mattress has been tested at the crash-test laboratories of CSI in Bollate (MILAN – ITALY), where most extreme crash tests are carried out in order to ensure a product of highest quality and safety.
Tests have scientifically shown that air mattresses have a kinetic energy absorption capacity of 96% and the athlete’s rebound finishes in 1.5 – 2 m.
In experimental center of Bollate, FORMULA 1 cars are tested as well, in order to avoid serious injury for pilots, caused by high speed.
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“Rental Line” may also offer a complete service, with transport, supervision of assembly / disassembly, removal equipment, or can offer only rental equipment, with transport, assembly and disassembly operation managed directly by customer. In “Rental Line” there are also slalom poles, delimiting nets and fences, mattresses, complete structures of arrival, injection bars for preparation tracks, and other materials to estimate on request.

Most of materials can be rented during the summer, to organize events where materials are required to ensure the safety and management of spaces, such as mattresses, nets, barriers, etc.