Liski and environmental protection


Liski products are 100% designed in our headquarters in Bergamo: a choice to shorten the supply chain and to have better control over it. We select raw materials that we can touch and we make sure of their maximum quality, not only to offer the best to the partners who choose us, but also to create products capable of resisting for a long time in the environment and not being dispersed due to bad weather to which they are subjected, especially in the mountains in the winter season.

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Giving a new, second life to materials is an extremely concrete way of trying to use the least amount of resources, with all that this entails in terms of environmental impact. We have two material recycling programs in place: Liski Green Poles, dedicated to the regeneration of broken tubes and tips, and Recycle Your Boots, in partnership with Tecnica, to give new life to ski boot liners as padding for mattresses ski slope protection.


The poor protection of the hydrogeological heritage, the deforestation and the cementing of the territory have led to an ever greater risk of soil erosion with consequent landslides and flooding, also due to the exponential increase in the frequency of extreme meteorological phenomena due to climate change in deed.

For this reason we have created a series of products – such as grassing nets and water flow regulation channels – capable of supporting seeding and hydroseeding with an anti-erosion function, protecting the soil from the aggressive action of water, wind and excursions thermals, helping to guarantee the stability of the slopes.

The works for the control of surface erosion create the environmental and stability conditions necessary for the engraftment and growth of the vegetation planted on the slopes and on the earth slopes or in particular situations of highly altered rocks. The vegetation cover allows effective control and mitigation of erosion phenomena, protecting the soil from the aggressive action of rain and surface water, wind and temperature changes.


Continuing the ‘GREEN’ policy implemented a couple of seasons ago,
LISKI has recently joined the European efficiency project
by installing low-consumption LED luminaires and a new photovoltaic system on the roof.
A new company graphic was also created to better express our passion and will to respect the environment, with a harmonious fusion of the elements that give life to the planet.
As of today, we are able to cover the company’s entire power consumption with the energy stored by the photovoltaic system, minimising the demand on large distributors.
We will work on other innovations and improvements to make our contribution to the environmental impact.