7 April 2024

Discover our innovative products for road circuits, bike parks, mountain bikes.

We are proud to introduce our new Production Line for items dedicated to the world of 2 wheels.

We have in fact developed a series of articles in collaboration with some of the most important brands in the sector.

This synergy has allowed the design and creation of specific protective mattresses for the various obstacles scattered throughout the cycling circuits, all fully customizable.

For the Bike Park and Mountain Bike world, we designed products for signage in total safety (accident prevention signs with hinged support poles), and for the delimitation and marking of the race routes (fences and strips with hinged support poles) with fluorescent colors for better visibility.

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23 February 2023

The Lightspeed system automatically monitors passengers’ boarding operations, verifying that they are properly boarding the chairlift. If at least one passenger is not seated correctly on the chairlift, the system provides a real-time notification to the supervisory staff.

The system is an aid tool for supervisory staff aimed at minimizing the risk of accidents caused by incorrect use of the chairlift by passengers. Developed from the EYE-TRACK system that identifies dangerous situations to prevent accidents in speed sports, the Lightspeed system for chairlift safety has been successfully tested in the last 12 months in winter and summer conditions.

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9 November 2022
GREENMAT Recycled mattresses

Liski, in collaboration with Tecnica Group, has developed a new concept of “green” mattress, using as padding the material derived from the recycling of ski boot shoes; another step towards the eco-sustainability of the mountain environment.

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9 November 2022
V-MINI Desmotec by LISKI

V.MINI is a multifunctional device that, working on open kinetic chain, allows you to perform a variety of exercises. Its low weight and the range
of specific quick-release couplings make it an ideal device to carry around to perform functional training in different locations: in the snow, on the field or in the gym, whether it is for strength sessions or pre-race activation work.Watch the Youtube video:

29 July 2021
New line of fiberglass toboggans Cascade Rescue

Liski is proud to announce its new partnership with Cascade Rescue, one of Harken Industrial’s brands. This is an international, technical and commercial collaboration for the Cascade Rescue ski line , with a main focus on the range of toboggans for ski resort assistance.
Harken and Cascade Rescue products are a “must” in events such as the America’s Cup, the Ocean Race, the Olympic Games, etc. Both the US headquarters and the Harken Italy headquarters are ISO 9001: 2015 certified 

4 June 2021
New “ProTOP” power speed resistor kit for players and goalkeeper training

It consists of an extensible rubber band 4m long which can reach about 8m in total extension; the 2 professional carabiners and the double padded strap complete the accessories for this training tool, always more requested also by goalkeepers, thanks to its easy attachment system to a goal post or a fence.

Jeg er britisk, sliter med inflasjon og økonomiske vanskeligheter og får knapt endene til å møtes på statlige subsidier. Nå er det en ny mulighet for et intervju og du må bruke klokke. Hvor kan jeg kjøpe billige replika klokker.

25 May 2021
New “PRO MAXI” mini-goal

Discover the new “PRO MAXI” mini-door; the latest in the wide range of Liski doors for training.

The “PRO MAXI” is in steel with blue posts and crossbar and white net.
Dimensions: 150 x h 100 cm.

Ideal for the training of professional Teams, but also for who wants to have the top on the market.

21 December 2020
New Catalog LISKI Summer Program 2021 !

New LISKI SUMMER PROGRAM 2021 catalog is online, with some new articles highlighted with “NEW” and new improved models of existing articles highlighted with “NEW MODEL”.

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Summer Program Catalog | LISKI

21 December 2020
New Catalog LISKI Winter Program 2020/21 !

New LISKI WINTER PROGRAM 2020 catalog is online, completely redesigned and structured for easier consultation and viewing of the products.

Also for this season LISKI has introduced some new articles highlighted with “NEW” and new improved versions of existing articles highlighted with “NEW MODEL”.

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Winter Program Catalog | LISKI

16 November 2020
LISKI: Covid19 “Safety Equipment”

LISKI offers interesting articles to allow ski area and ski schools to respect the new protocols and open their slopes safely. All customizable items as you prefer: colors choice, custom texts and logo adding.

Here you will find the new dedicated brochure, with some articles and examples that will facilitate you in managing the spacing and to avoid gatherings.

Download it and contact your Country Reseller to find out more and to receive a quote!