Partnership for sustainability

Sustainability is teamwork

Choosing partners who have the same vision means offering an even wider range of more sustainable products and services: this is why we collaborate with Tecnica, Corus and Meyerlub.


As part of the Recycle Your Boots program, Liski collaborates with Tecnica Group for the recycling of used ski boots: the materials of the shoes are reused to produce the GreenMat protection mattresses installed on the ski slopes.


Corus, main partner of Eni Gas e Luce, specializes in the reconversion of old lighting systems in ski resorts using LED technologies, for greater efficiency and reduction of energy consumption, optimization in terms of management and a significant reduction in maintenance costs.


Meyerlub produces lubricants with excellent performance even in extreme conditions and strong mechanical and thermal stresses, making it possible to reduce maintenance interventions using even smaller quantities of lubricants and thus reducing the environmental impact.


RecyPET fabrics are used for making flags, banners, covers and cladding for grandstands and sports fences. A unique solution that has a real impact on the safety and conservation of resources supplied by the environment, thanks to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy savings.