LISKI has all required accessories for ski-slope preparation managed by the Organizing committees and Associations, and for training organization by teams coaches , Ski Clubs and Ski Schools


Key is surely an indispensable accessory for the trainer’s job. Projected by paying close attention to every detail, in a special anti-torsion aluminum, it allows working easily thanks to its resistance and also allows being transported thanks to its very low weight, due to the special aluminum. Keys are universal, thus usable with any existing pole type. LISKI recently introduced the plastic version, with a weight reduction of 30%!

  • » CODE 10401
    Universal key for slalom flex pole SOFT, TOP 27 , C6, MINI, etc in alluminium with hand grip
  • » CODE 10403
    Key for STUBBIE SNOWBOARD poles, in alluminium with hand grip
  • » CODE 10404
    Slalom poles universal plastic Key for BIG - RAPID bases

Instantaneous measurement of distance and point coordinates. Thanks to small size is particularly appreciated by coaches and experts.

  • » CODE 10879
    Laser - from 4 to 600 m

Measuring tape with lenght 15m or 20m to check the distance between slalom gates, as rules indication.

  • » CODE 10892
    Measuring tape "SPALIGO" length 15m to check distance between gates
  • » CODE 10895
    Measuring tape "SPALIGO" length 20m to check distance between gates
  • » CODE 10896
    Mini bag for "Spaligo" in nylon

Marker gate numbers, used in all kind of competition, assist the correct execution of competitions. Provided in numbers from 1 to 85

  • » CODE 10811
    Marker gate number adhesive 1-85

Liski bandoleer for radio is an accessory used by all trainers. Ergonomic and sturdy, it allows talking by radio with collaborators thanks to the specialized velcro seal; its pocket also allows carrying block-notes and pencil

  • » CODE 10860
    Radio holder for belt
  • » CODE 10862
    Double radio bandoleer

Innovative LISKI knapsack allows trainers and staff of the organizing committees to manage its job in the best way along the courses, thanks to its design gives maximum yield.

  • » CODE 10861
    Trainer knapsack (new model) - Dimension 40 x 25 x h. 60 cm

Wind-cheater bag is without any doubt an help element for coaches and athletes, in order to transport more clothes along the track, preventing disorganization and also in order to cover oneself once the event has concluded

  • » CODE 10855
    Bag for wind-cheater - dimension 37 x 50 x h. 72 cm
BAG POLES (small)

New bag pole, very practical, allows the transport of short or snowboard poles, with necessary quantity for an entire track. Reinforced and padded, this considerable facilitates the job of the trainer

  • » CODE 10851
    Small nylon poles bag - with reinforced bottom and supports, height 100 cm

Bag pole is a reinforced accessory, studied in order to guarantee balanced transport of slalom poles during the movements on the ski

  • » CODE 10852
    Big nylon poles bag - with reinforced bottom and supports, height 140 cm
Elastic hook for locking slalom poles; It is used by many trainers to replace the classic bag for poles. Very cheap and useful
  • » CODE 10505
    Elastic hook for slalom poles

Sprinklers to sign slopes. Available in different models: manual, with battery or engine version. Very handy and convenient.

  • » CODE 10880
    colors: red/azure - Liquid dye for ski-slope (bottle 0,85 l)
  • » CODE 10885
    colors: red/azure - Granul dye for ski-slope (concentraded): azure - red - (pack 125 g)
  • » CODE 10881
    Manual sprinkler for colouring matter for ski-slope - 22 liters - Kerb weight 4 kg
  • » CODE 10882
    Engine sprinkler for colouring matter for ski-slope - 20 liters - Kerb weight 9,8 kg - Dimension cm. 45 x 34 x h. 60
  • » CODE 10883
    Battery sprinkler for colouring matter for ski-slope - 23 liters - Kerb weight 10 kg

These are necessary accessories for maintenance and operations during competitions, so every athlete find the best possible course conditions for attaining equal performances under the organizational aspect

  • » CODE 10873
    Aluminium snow showel mod. Super with wood handle
  • » CODE 10874
    Hardened steel rasp with wood handle

Couple of starting block; iron frame, wooden plate and covering with gummy material layer resistant to low temperatures, size cm. 30x40x2,5 ; weight 4 kg

  • » CODE 10899
    Couple of starting plate cm. 30 x 40 x 2,5 cm - kg. 4
  • » CODE 10900
    Couple of wooden pole cm 7,5 x 7,5 x 100 - kg. 5,5
  • » CODE 10905
    Couple Set of 4 customized DIBOND panels (total 8 pcs) digitally printed for wooden poles - 60 x 7,5 x 0,3 cm - kg 0,5

The injection bar is made from an aluminum tube with the insertion of spray nozzles.
The 2 removable and practical aluminum handles are also easy to assemble and to fold up for transport, of course all with no tools needs.
The injection bar is used during final preparation of race tracks; through nozzles located below the bar, is sprayed water to keep the track in the best conditions.

  • » CODE 10820
    Aluminum bar 4.5 m long divided in 2 parts 2.25 m each with quick connector - Flow rate of 400 l/m (24 m3/h) at 10 bar.