Greenmat – Recycle Your Boots

Liski is a partner of Tecnica Group in the Recycle Your Boots project. Used ski boots are collected and recycled, in a path that starts from the slope and returns to the slope again, with lower energy consumption and fewer emissions: in fact, Liski GreenMat mattresses are born from old boots.

The old ski boots are collected and transported using low environmental impact vehicles. Liners and plastic and metal components are separated: 120 parts, pre-sorted and separated, then shredded and washed. Metals are divided into ferrous and non-ferrous materials, plastics into polyurethane and polypropylene, to create second-generation materials to be reused. The shoes are transformed into a compact slab of secondary raw material and, combined with virgin slabs, they become the padding of the GreenMat protection mattresses, thus returning again from the mountain, to the mountain, with a product that presents optimal performance in terms of safety.